Introduce UID200 briefly; It is a kind of special keyboard, have separated key switch that added stereo audio cable and 3.5mm phone jack. 
o, you can set any key function what you want, place where you want. 
If you want to use separated style special key, it is possible.  
It have several mechanical shunts for key setting. 
So, UID200 need not to prepare driver, software and etc. 
If you just connect it to PC, it work like usual keyboard same.

Difference between usual keyboad is an appearance. 
If you just look it's appearance, you can understand it's work.
You can connect 8~140 switchs with one UID200.




Product  : Separated Style USB Keyboard
Mode : UID200
: USB 1.1
Added function : USB HUB 2PORT / ACPI
Material : Plastic
: 127mm x 120mm x 15mm (width x length x height)
Operating System : Windows Vista / XP / 2000 / ME, Windows 98 /SE
Supply Power : USB Power
Maker : AVIX Co.,Ltd.
** Contents : UID200 1 / Default Switch 2 / Stereo 3.5Φ (M/M) 1.5M Audio Calble 2 / 2.54mm PITCH JUMPER(SHUNT)  20 / Manual 1